Youth Service, Inc. hosted an Employee Appreciation Event on Wednesday, May 30 at Crittenton Family Support Center 
with a luncheon and award ceremony. At the ceremony, YSI recognized the following employees, as well as community partners and volunteers:

Staff Graduate: Mia Williams, Master of Science in Counseling, Lincoln University

Employee Service Awards:

5 Years: Vanessa Ingram, Vera Jennings, Pamela Smith, Helen Strickland-Hastings and Tracey Taylor

Vera Jennings, Gwen Bailey and Pamela Smith

10 Years: Quandra Bembury, Carla Johnson and Naima Thornton

Gwen Bailey, Carla Johnson and Quandra Bembury

15 Years: Corliss Turner

Gwen Bailey and Corliss Turner

20 Years: Russell Olive

30 Years: Gwen Bailey

Gwen Bailey

Outstanding Parent Volunteer: Kathy Christian

Outstanding Leader and Mentor to Baring House: Sherilynn Kimble

The Betsy Forster Memorial Award for Staff Excellence: This award recognizes the commitment of Betsy Forster, a trained social worker and dedicated YSI volunteer. Betsy worked tirelessly on behalf of YSI’s children and families and committed herself to providing the best services possible to the organization’s clients. It was Betsy’s recommendation to then-Executive Director Laurie Ward that staff be rewarded for exemplary service that brought this award into being. YSI is proud to honor Betsy’s memory through the annual presentation of this award. Recipients: Angie Maury (Baring House) and Bryan Lozano (FES).

Angie Maury, Bryan Lozano and Gwen Bailey

The Martha and George Bailey, Jr. Award for Civic Engagement:This award was established by their daughter, Gwendolyn, in memory and honor of the values by which they lived. Tirelessly they engaged in efforts centered on empowering the voices of communities, activism – political and community, supporting the best education opportunities for all youth and had a stalwart commitment to choosing love in every action and interaction. Recipient: David Chaney, Sr. (YES)


**Those who are not photographed were unable to attend the ceremony**