Connecting Young Adults Before It’s Too Late
volunteer with teensThe Community Navigator team at 410 N. 33rd Street has formed a life-saving relationship with Judge Sawyer of Family Court to connect young adults ages 18 – 25 with YSI Navigator services as cases enter her court. This Navigator team is often a young adult’s last stop before jail – so team members Joseph and Porsha work hard to find school programs, stipends and food donations to support young adults facing housing and financial insecurity. Among the greatest challenges is chemical dependency that most often helps to divert the pain of trauma. But YSI’s Community Navigator team and Judge Sawyer believe there’s a second chance in this program that is worth the fight!

You can join us in supporting young adults facing financial insecurity by donating gift cards to the Community Navigator program. Contact Trish Downey, YSI and PEC’s Communications Director, at for more information.