“We feel as though we are a part of YES and they are a part of us. The beauty of the art is not only found in the paint, or the clay, or the canvas. It’s found in the connections that we made with each teenager that shared their time with us.” – Ron Toles, Ordinarie Heroes Founder

Through the Creative H.E.R.O. (Health Expression Reclaiming Originality) Art Program, Ordinarie Heroes brought opportunities for artistic expression to the youth at Youth Emergency Service. For several weeks this summer, Ordinarie Heroes provided the supplies and guidance for youth to work on projects that were both creative and self-reflective. For example, there were opportunities for painting on canvass, air-dry clay sculpting and making stress balls. Youth had the opportunity to use art to develop positive self-affirmations. Two collaborative art pieces helped to reinforce team work. Paintings from each session are displayed at YES. One collaborative piece hangs in the Urban Art Gallery in West Philadelphia.

“It was fun, different. I had to use my imagination with some of the supplies. I was surprised how creative I could be.” – P.V.

Ordinarie Heroes is a nonprofit organization that works toward positive change in Philadelphia communities through youth mentoring, community service, and community empowerment. With the help and passion of amazing volunteers, Ordinarie Heroes is able to operate a youth mentoring program, summer movie events, an art program, and a host of community service projects. Ordinarie Heroes is dedicated to providing support to those who need it the most and determined to make helping their neighbors something that is fun and exciting. While they are proud of their programs, they know the best way to make lasting progress is to work together with those who are also want to make the city better, especially with those organizations that are working with the city’s youth.