Reinna Young (seated) with Youth Service, Inc.’s Executive Director Gwen Bailey.

In the Employee Spotlight we aim to recognize a Youth Service, Inc. employee making an impact in the communities we serve. Reinna Young works in the Baring House Crisis Nursery program. 

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

I came to YSI a little more than 5 years ago. I was in search of another job that best fit my talents which I found in early childhood education. Looking for additional opportunities in my neighborhood, I inquired about work at Baring House so I inquired about employment. My mother (now retired) worked for SCAN, a sister agency of the Department of Human Services, and I remembered her mentioning how Baring House helped families in crucial times of a young child’s life.

I interviewed and in May 2014 became a new colleague of the Baring House staff. Working at Baring House has allowed me to keep my Early Childhood instruction skills polished. I’m so glad that I can share that experience because it’s such a big part of me.

I marvel at the capacity of learning for young people because just when you put a limit to their learning they remind you that they can learn much more. I believe exposure to learning is the key to success.

Q: How long have you been working at YSI and in what program(s)?

I’ve been at YSI for a little over 5 years and have always worked at the Baring House Crisis Nursery.

Q: What are some of the biggest challenges faced by you working in these programs?

One of the biggest challenges is not seeing a child that I have met while working. I hope they are ok until I see them again. There are many reasons parents use Baring and when a parent is in a shelter or questionable living circumstances, I worry. Caring too much seems to be my problem.

Through my time at YSI, I’ve watched babies grow into toddlers and toddlers grow into Pre-K kids. The satisfaction of seeing their smiles makes it all worthwhile.

Q: What do you do to overcome these challenges?

I fall back on the strength and cooperation of my colleagues. Having faith also has benefitted me from succumbing to emotionally overwhelming situations.

Q: What is one of your favorite success stories during your time at YSI?

I can never fully take credit for the success stories of our program because working at Baring House you have to work as a team. I feel like my contribution to the team is my experience in working with special needs children. I have worked with autistic students with the School District of Philadelphia since 2012 and one on one with an outside agency since 2005. I hope the experience I bring can continue to help shape and mold the children of Baring House.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working in this program and at YSI?

To be honest, the staff has become family to me. I respect and love them all.

Learn more about the Baring House Crisis Nursery program here