Dear Friends,

In 2011 our dedicated supporters made it possible for YSI to keep hundreds of at-risk children and families safe and strong and to protect thousands of vulnerable teens. Here are a few examples of the lives YSI touched this year:

When a fire forced Desiree to leave her home, Baring House’s staff connected her with a nearby shelter, provided care for her toddler David, and gave the family bags of food and clothing. “It was a blessing and an amazing experience. Really, really, really relieving.”

Pregnant at 17, Jamilah was malnourished, truant, and without a permanent place to live. YSI’s Truancy Prevention Program supported her and referred her to our Locust Mother-Baby Group Home. Jamilah and her one year old Jonathan are now safe and healthy and her grades and attendance in school are outstanding. Excited about the future, she recently exclaimed to her truancy case manager, “You saved my life!”

Told by a judge in 2009 that he could permanently lose custody of his children, Jeremy and Latanya, James decided that he would do whatever it took to get his children back. Aided by YSI’s social workers and Enhancing Parenting Program, James fulfilled all of the court’s many legal requirements and regained custody of his children earlier this year. James attributed much of his success to the support he has received from YSI’s staff members. “They come right at you with love…and it’s wonderful. They make you feel welcome so you’ll come again.”

You can give the gifts of safety and hope to more vulnerable children and families in 2012.

There are three ways you can help today:

You can make a secure online donation. YSI will use your donation to provide programs that keep vulnerable teens like Jamilah safe and off the street – and you’ll be able to take a tax deduction for 2011. It’s easy – just click right here.

You can sign up for a recurring monthly donation. You can pledge togive whatever amount feels right. Every month, your donation will allow YSI’s staff to provide loving care to children like David that will keep them safe and healthy in even the most difficult situations. Just click right here and experience the joy of giving all year.

You can ask your friends and family to make a gift to YSI today in lieu of a present for you this holiday. Tell them you made a difference in the lives of families like James’ and that they can do the same. Their gift will allow YSI’s staff to provide emotional support and resources to families in crisis that will help them to heal.

Please make your gift today. Though you may never meet them, it will make a meaningful difference in the lives of Philadelphia’s vulnerable children and families.


Gwendolyn A. Bailey
Executive Director