The school year is just around the corner and that means that students and their families are hitting the stores to shop for school supplies. For families who are struggling to make ends meet, purchasing book bags, notebooks, pens, and other school essentials can be an additional and costly burden. We are happy to let you know that a special group of people has committed themselves to ensuring that YSI’s youth and families get the school supplies they need.

On Monday, July 25th the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) in downtown Philadelphia began a Summertime School Supplies Drive, encouraging its staff to donate brand-new items to YSI. The drive will continue until Thursday, August 18th, when YSI staff will pick up the supplies and thank the GSA donors for their generosity. The following day a group of student volunteers from Philadelphia University will sort the supplies and prepare them for distribution to YSI’s program sites, where they will be given to students and their families. A true team effort from beginning to end.

YSI would like to thank the GSA staff for their generosity and commitment to supporting our vulnerable youth and families. The gift of learning is invaluable and these supplies will make that learning possible.

If you are interested in organizing a collection drive, we would love your help! For information about the kinds of items we need most, visit To begin planning your own drive, contact Marketing Coordinator Adam Safer at 215-222-3262 x19 or by email at