This mother’s day as you celebrate all the maternal people in your life,  please consider a donation to support mothers who have struggled during the pandemic. Your gift will help YSI continue to assist mothers and their families—many of whom live at or near the poverty line—who depend on our programming and services to provide the support and resources they need to strengthen their family unit and keep their children safe.

  • Make a one-time donation

  • Set up a monthly recurring donation

$ 25

School supplies for young children in our respite childcare program.

$ 50

Maternity clothes for an expecting teen mother.

$ 100

A week’s supply of nutritious produce for a family

$ 250

A bed for a child who otherwise sleeps on the floor

$ 500

Utilities for a mother who has lost her job

$ 1000

Rent assistance for a family who has been housing insecure.