Friday, May 5, 2021

The Breakout Event is a collaboration between The Urban League of Philadelphia/TriZen, LLC., People’s Emergency Center (PEC) and Youth Service Inc. (YSI) benefiting Philadelphia Students.

During this event, there will be breakout sessions on following topics:

Mind, Body & Soul “Get Ya Mind Right!” (Health & Wellness)

You will be introduced to concepts such as anatomy and physiology, cardiovascular health, the connection between fitness and overall health, and practical ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life.

Show Me the Money “4PF (Four Pockets Full)” (Financial Literacy)

You will learn basic personal finance skills that will provide a solid foundation for financial independence and future financial decision-making. Content will include how to create a budget, an introduction of basic financial terminology and the importance of saving.

What Does Your Page Say About You? (Professional Etiquette)

You will gain a deeper personal insight into your strengths and professional development needs while sharpening your ability for jobs when opportunities arise.

Valuing the Differences of Others “Global Citizens” (Diversity & Multiculturalism)

You will be exposed to concepts of Diversity and Inclusion, its many components and its significance in educational, professional and social environments.

Fight the Power “The Others” (Social Justice)

You will be exposed to contemporary issues affecting your everyday experiences and engage in dialogue and activities that will challenge you to think critically about how you can advocate for yourself and your communities.

In addition, there will be spoken word, swag, giveaways and a virtual afterparty with a live DJ.

*This event is for youth ages 14-20

The Breakout will happen live on Zoom on Friday, May 5, 2021 at 2:55 PM.

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