Q: Could you explain Youth Service, Inc.’s (YSI) and Youth Emergency Service’s (YES) connection with the Mid-Atlantic Network for Youth and why this connection is so important for the work that YSI/YES does?

The Mid-Atlantic Network for Youth (MANY) is a national network that engages stakeholders across sectors in supporting youth who are housing insecure. YSI and YES became members more than 20 years ago when it became evident that learning from others doing similar work was invaluable. MANY expanded its services and offers advocacy at the state and federal levels, technical support and training that build skills for staff.  They also support agencies with information on best practices to help better service their communities.

Q: How has this partnership benefited YES and YSI and vice versa?

MANY has provided an invaluable network of experts who willingly share their experience and knowledge.  They are the go-to agency with questions on practice and help with federal grants.  They host webinars centered on skill development and grant writing and are always first to inform members of available opportunities.  They have connected agencies in the same region to learn from one another. True Colors, an LGBTQ youth advocacy group is an example of MANY connecting their members with resources to improve upon their work.

Q: What are the goals of the Mid-Atlantic Network for Youth’s board? 

The board’s main goal is to provide a set of services responsive to its members that supports the mission of their member organizations. The MANY Board also coaches its members to enhance their ability to advocate with legislators and other stakeholder on issues that support homeless youth.

Q: What is the purpose of the Mid-Atlantic Network for Youth?

MANY is a network designed to strengthen and coordinate resources and services for youth and families in high-risk situations. Their main purpose is to advocate, support, and provide resources for non-profit organizations around the country that serve homeless youth.

To learn more about the Mid-Atlantic Network for Youth visit http://www.manynet.org/