YSI’s Baring House Crisis Nursery program provides mothers, like Robin, and other caregivers safe, emergency, short term care for pre-school children. 

Robina single mother of three children under the age of 7, living in West Philadelphia, has been using Baring House for her two eligible children while on a waiting list for a daycare facility. Having her children at Baring allowed her to continue to work from home with less interruption, leaving her with one child in remote school.  This helped her continue to provide for her family during the pandemic.  Baring House staff also connected the mother to YSI’s Family Empowerment program for additional support. 

This mother’s day as you celebrate all the maternal people in your life,  please consider a donation to support mothers in YSI programs, like Amy. See below for some of the ways that we put your gift to work.


$ 25

School supplies for young children in our respite childcare program.

$ 50

Maternity clothes for an expecting teen mother.

$ 100

A week’s supply of nutritious produce for a family

$ 250

A bed for a child who otherwise sleeps on the floor

$ 500

Utilities for a mother who has lost her job

$ 1000

Rent assistance for a family who has been housing insecure.