Youth Service, Inc. provides assistance and support for young adults ages 18-24 who are housing insecure. Through our Community Navigator program, they can access help with housing, employment, transportation, vital documents, food and clothing.The program also provides a safe place to relax. Being able to provide these services for our young adults will benefit them well beyond their stay in our Community Navigator program as they learn to be independent adults.

One young person who sought support from the program was living in a tent in town. As a former foster care youth, the person had exhausted what was known as support for those aging out. Motivation for coming to the program was initially housing. Upon arrival the young person commented, ”I did not have money for food or clothes or items like soap and lotion or even toothpaste. I can’t believe that everything I need is in one place. I never thought I would get excited about socks! But I am.”

We hope that you will consider donating nonperishable food items from the attached list to support our older youth as they strive to meet what feels like insurmountable challenges. The list attached is suggested items. We welcome anything you are able to provide.

To schedule a drop off, please contact YSI at 215-222-3262, x1027. Limited pick up is available. Should you prefer to make a financial contribution you can do so through our website or by sending a check or money order to YSI, 410 N. 34th Street, Philadelphia, 19104. Thank you for helping to make a difference.



Gwendolyn A. Bailey, MSW, LSW

Executive Director