Family Empowerment Service (FES), a program of YSI, is focused on enhancing caregivers protective capacities and improve the ability of families to provide for their children’s safety and well-being in a minimally intrusive manner. To accomplish this, each family is assigned a case manager who acts as an advocate, resource, and educator 

Amy, a single mother with four children living in a Section-8 home in North Philadelphia, was referred to FES when seeking supports for one of her children.  She was looking for a mentor and behavioral health supports. The family had limited financial resources and the children were facing education and technology issues with remote learning. The case manager connected her son to Boy’s Track, a youth development program through Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services which provided a mentor and other supports.  The family received other supports such as clothing for the children. Amy was also referred to Parenting Collaborative, a parenting support program through PHMC.  Amy enjoyed the classes so much that her children’s father also began to attend.  

As the family’s FES service was ending, Amy started attending YSI’s Parenting Collaborative groups and is still actively participating and providing a support system to other young parents in the group. 

This mother’s day as you celebrate all the maternal people in your life,  please consider a donation to support mothers in YSI programs, like Amy. See below for some of the ways that we put your gift to work.


$ 25

School supplies for young children in our respite childcare program.

$ 50

Maternity clothes for an expecting teen mother.

$ 100

A week’s supply of nutritious produce for a family

$ 250

A bed for a child who otherwise sleeps on the floor

$ 500

Utilities for a mother who has lost her job

$ 1000

Rent assistance for a family who has been housing insecure.