In Youth Service, Inc. Spotlights, we aim to recognize clients who have overcome their hardships to find success through our programming. In this post, we are highlighting our Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) program. RHY is a voluntary service for youth ages 12 to 17 who have run away from home or who are uncomfortable with their current living situation and need support. The program provides them with short-term emergency shelter and helps them work with their family to resolve conflicts through mediation, support for family reunification, and advocacy for youth. The program also offers resources for healthy relationships, education, and physical health.

EH came to YES after having conflicts with his family around rules. In addition to this issue, EH was also struggling with his sexuality and he viewed many conflicts as a result of his parents’ inability to accept his sexual orientation. After spending some time in the Basic Center Program, EH was ready for family meetings. Both of EH’s parents participated with him in a structured family meeting with resulted in the family opening up about their love for EH despite his choices. In a beautiful display of affection, EH’s father hugged him and cried, vowing to maintain this restored communication with his son. He was reunited with him family immediately after this meeting.

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