In Youth Service, Inc. Spotlights, we aim to recognize clients who have overcome their hardships to find success through our programming. In this post, we are highlighting our Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) program. RHY is a voluntary service for youth ages 12 to 17 who have run away from home or who are uncomfortable with their current living situation and need support. The program provides them with short-term emergency shelter and helps them work with their family to resolve conflicts through mediation, support for family reunification, and advocacy for youth. The program also offers resources for healthy relationships, education, and physical health.

In August, our RHY team assisted a runaway who was new to the country and only spoke Spanish. The youth was lost in Philadelphia after taking several wrong turns when he was just out for a walk. He had been picked up by the police, and due to his inability to communicate his caregiver’s information he was transported to our agency.  Our Safe Place team transported the youth back to his neighborhood and drove around with him until he recognized his home. He had walked over a mile away trying to locate his residence before getting lost. Finally, he recognized his home. He was reunified with his caregivers who were extremely grateful to have him returned safely.

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