In the Supporter Spotlight we recognize a Youth Service, Inc. donor making an impact in the communities we serve. In this spotlight, we are recognizing the Hoff Family.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. 

We are just a regular family who has a very strong support group that wants to try and give back where we can. We are the ringleaders but find it amazing that whenever we put it out there we get so many people that want to help. Alot of the people are the same every year and then others reach out some years but we ALWAYS have so many that are willing to pitch in. As the saying goes…. it takes a village.

Q: Why did you choose YSI when you were looking for an organization to donate to? What attracted you to our programs?

We’ve been involved with YSI for the last several years. We first found out about YSI through the runaway shelter and when we looked into the organization we were so impressed with the amazing work being done in their neighborhood and commmunity that we felt we had to get involved.

Q: What motivates you to stay involved? Why do you donate?

We have a strong family and friend network who are always looking for ways to help. When we visited the Baring House and saw how involved people are and all the families that are helped, we decided this was an organization we wanted to stay involved with. We are just trying to do our small part to make this world a better place.

Q: Why do you think it is important to support YSI?

We find YSI’s mission statement “strengthening the family unit, helping at-risk teens and promoting child safety” and the work that you do to be something we want to support.

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