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Dear Friends,

We did it! More than 70 generous board members, staff, and community members have raised almost $10,300 for our Teen Success program. We are pursuing other funding sources in order to raise the remaining $5,000 we need, but we are optimistic that we will be able to operate the program for the rest of its third year. Below is a list of the campaign donors – if you know them, feel free to send them a note of thanks.

As always, thank you for your support. Wishing you a safe and happy fall season.

With gratitude,

Gwen Bailey
Executive Director


$1,000 and up

Dina Ghen
Michael Karp
R. Patrick McManus

$100 to $400

Joseph DiTomo
Susan Hoyt
J. T. Kendall
Logan Public House, LLC
Maria Maccarone
Howard Rabinowitz
Jagdish Rewari
Kay Sickles
Anne Walsh

$50 to $100

Emily Barnhart
Rodney Barnhart
Jupiter Bridge
Anne Buchanan
Sarah Cocke
Christa Cywinski
Emily DiTomo
Meline Gasparyan
Nadia Hewka
Bridget Hill
Patrick Keenan
Anna Kinkead
Grace Lee
Harley Miller
Nancy Page
Adam Safer
Louis Tannen
Linda Wolohan

Up to $50

Adrianne Bailey
Susan Bailey
Deborah Barkun
Susan Bellak
Jill Bronson
Kerry Bryan
Blair Cardinal
Thomas Carragher
Lori Chinitz
Christine Coward
Joshua Cywinski
James Doyle
Jessica Emery
Elena Fernandez
Sarkis Grigorian
Happi Grillon
Rebecca Harclerode
Janet Haskell
Karen Ivory
Holly Keefe
Jennifer Kelly
Jessica Kribbs
Kristina Lengel
Rose Malone
Lauren McCutcheon
Erin Merkel
Brenna Murphy
Mark Newman
Joy & Timothy Onasch
Aleksandr Revekko
Jennifer Rose
Daniel Safer
Amy Salit
Sylvia Stein
Rachel Steinberg
Alene Stewart
Alison Tugwell
Justin Unger
Carrie Ward
Holly Warth
Dorothea Young