We are excited to inform you that on August 15, 2012 the Board of Managers of The Philadelphia Foundation approved a grant award of $39,000.00 to support the development of a database that will track the runaway and homeless youth served by our YES teen shelter. Announcement of the grant was made by R. Andrew Swinney, President of the Foundation.

“This grant from The Philadelphia Foundation will allow us to build a foundation upon which to begin a much deeper analysis of the outcomes for the youth we serve using the latest technology,” said Dr. R. Patrick McManus, the Director of the shelter’s medical clinic. “This will permit us to better understand the needs of the youth and improve our ability to match services available to them after they leave the shelter.”

We would like to express our deep appreciation to the Foundation’s Board of Managers for their generous award and to the individuals reponsible for the establishment of the Edward M. Story Memorial Fund and the WLG Endowment Fund. YSI also thanks the individual and corporate donors whose donations make it possible for us to successfully pursue grant funding for promising new initiatives. Your support is invaluable.

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