We have big goals. But we can’t reach them alone. It is with great honor I announce that we have been chosen as the recipients of a W.W. Smith Charitable Trust F,C,&S grant to support our teen respite center for displaced youth and our family emergency fund.
With the funds awarded we aim to serve upwards of 5,400 families and youth. Of the families served by YSI, 92% are low-income and as a result are highly susceptible to financial emergencies. These families struggle to pay for day-to-day expenses, health care costs, and utilities with a limited budget. In order to manage these payments, families often forego basic household items that are essential for hygiene, comfort, and well-being such as mattresses, sheets and blankets, among others. 
YSI’s Emergency Needs Fund helps struggling families who otherwise have to choose between paying a utility bill or purchasing their child’s school uniform. YSI provides emergency funds for food, clothing, basic furniture, and utility payments to avoid shut-off. These funds help us support our youth and families financially and by covering the cost of utilities and bills, we try to offer families a chance to remain in their own homes and stay together.