Philadelphia’s District Attorney’s Youth Aid Panel was created in 1988 to help divert arrests of juvenile offenders with first time offenses to a three month contract program. David Chaney, Community and Youth Outreach Social Worker at Youth Emergency Service was deputized by Philadelphia’s District Attorney to serve on the Youth Aid Panel along with other community leaders, police officers, educators and clergy members. Mr. Chaney serves in the 22nd Police District. Mr. Chaney remarks that “bringing youth, parents, community members, police and the DA’s office together to solve problems has shown to be an invaluable asset in the North Philadelphia community and has given youth the chance they so desperately need.”
Since the establishment of the program at least 17,000 youth have been successfully redirected from the criminal justice system. Local leaders express that the panel saves the city millions in court cost and creates a pathway to a brighter future for our youth. Youth Service, Inc. is proud to support initiatives that create opportunities for our youth.